What are storylines? ...

Storylines link people to emotions, places, ideas and important information.

How do you connect with diverse audiences? Or with naysayers and cynical stakeholders? First – get their attention with great storylines and content.

“The heart of a narrative is the plot or plan for how the story unfolds – the storyline.”

What we do ...

We help people and organisations tell powerful stories.

We find your storylines and create content that takes you beyond media releases and direct to the audiences who want to hear from you.

We help you amplify your communications or PR campaign with words, photos and video content tailored for your different stakeholders and audiences.

We create content for print, digital and social channels.

What we offer ...

  • Experienced journalism content solutions to communicate your message through writing, editing, photography, design and video.
  • Content to connect with your audiences on all your channels – stories and interviews for websites, eNewsletters, social media posts, microsites and digital magazines, corporate writing, annual reports, project updates and a range of printed products.
  • Content creation to bring your PR or communications strategy to life.
  • Proven experience in delivering high quality corporate communications, including media releases, opinion articles and speeches.

Why content? ...

Content is clear and compelling stories, told for your different audiences wherever and however they like to get information.

Great content connects a communications strategy to outcomes.

If you want people to follow your lead, to be inspired by your project or your purpose, they first need to understand who you are, what you’re doing and why it’s important that they know about it.

Telling a compelling story can help you clarify complex messages and change for stakeholders.

Great content can sometimes transform a potentially negative message into one which people will listen to and consider before making up their minds.

About ...

We use a network of top freelance media professionals – journalists, photographers, videographers and designers – who know how to create stories for different audiences and different channels.

Storylines Content Director Amanda Wilson is a journalist, editor and communications professional with the expertise to bring together the best creative professionals to ensure your story is compelling – told effectively and accurately.

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